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WeChat, one of the world's most popular mobile apps and social networks, brought home iF Gold Award for its smart retail innovation, Scan & Go. 作为世界上最受欢迎的手机应用软件和社交网络之一,微信因其巧妙的零售创新设计“扫码购”而获得iF设计金奖。 It is the first ever Chinese product to win gold in the iF Service Design category. 这是第一个获得iF服务设计类金奖的中国产品。 Established in 1953, the German-based iF Design Award has always been known for its "Independent, Rigorous and Reliable" standards. 德国iF设计奖创立于1953年,它一直因其“独立、严格、可靠”的评判标准而闻名于世。 Scan & Go enables shoppers at retail stores to turn their mobile phone into a virtual checkout counter. 微信扫码购使零售店的顾客可以把手机变成一个虚拟的收银台。 When shopping, customers use their mobile phones to scan product barcodes, view product information, get discounts, complete self-checkout, and pay directly within the app via WeChat Pay. There is no queuing up at the cash register. 顾客在购物的时候,可以用手机扫描商品的条形码,查看商品信息,获取折扣,完成自助结账,而且可以通过微信支付直接付款,而无需在现金收银台前排队。 "This concept shows a customer-centric scan-and-go-solution for an optimized shopping and retail context. “这一理念展示了在被优化的购物和零售环境下,以顾客为中心的扫码购解决方案。” “All parameters of the good user experience are met in this service design, including touchless access, efficiency or ease-of-use in scanning of market products and the final payment and checkout. This is user-friendly design at its best," says iF Gold Award in its Gold Statement to Scan & Go. “这项服务设计满足了良好的用户体验的所有参数,包括扫描超市商品和最后结账付款时的零接触接入、高效或是易操作性。这是最佳的用户友好型设计,”iF设计金奖评委在判定微信扫码购获得金奖时说道。 According to statistics, sales during peak hours in traditional supermarkets account for 60% of total turnover, and on average customers spends three to five minutes on queueing and payment during peak hours. 据统计,传统超市购物高峰期的销售额占其营收总额的60%,而且顾客在购物高峰期通常需要3~5分钟排队结账。 With Scan & Go, customers no longer have to queue, and the payment time is shortened to one minute. 有了微信扫码购,顾客不必再排队,而且结账时间可缩短至1分钟。
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