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Despite all of the talk about whether artificial intelligence algorithms will replace doctors, Eric Topol isn't worried. Topol is a cardiologist at the Scripps Research Institute, a geneticist, and the author of several books about the future of health care. 尽管大家都在谈论人工智能算法或将取代医生,但艾瑞克·托波尔(Eric Topol)并不担心。托波尔是斯克里普斯研究所(Scripps Research)的一名心脏病专家,也是一位遗传学家,同时还写了几本关于医疗保健未来的书籍。 His newest book is called Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again (out now from Basic Books). Topol argues that humans will always crave the bond of being cared for by other humans and that AI can help enhance that bond and bring it back - if doctors are willing to stand up to business interests. 《深度医学:人工智能使医疗保健再次人性化》(Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again)是他的新作(由基本图书公司出版)。托波尔认为,人类总是渴望得到他人的关心,人工智能有助于增强这种联系,使其再度出现--前提是医生经得起商业利益的诱惑。 The Verge spoke to Topol about how health care works today, health privacy concerns in the age of AI, and the importance of physician activism. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. The Verge杂志与托波尔对话,谈论医疗保健在当今社会的运转、人工智能时代的健康隐私问题,以及医生积极主动的重要性。为清楚起见,我们对这次采访加以略微编辑。 Before we talk about how AI will affect health care and the patient-doctor relationship, can you tell me what that relationship looks like right now? 在我们探讨人工智能对医疗保健和对医患关系的影响前,您能先说说这种关系的现状吗? The relationship has deteriorated. It's actually dreadful. The patient is short-changed because you get so little time with your doctor and also don't even get eye contact out of that little bit of time. And it's not just time. It's the distraction of doctors serving as data clerks. You're not going to be a good listener in that case. Doctors are terribly disenchanted and disillusioned and burned out and depressed. 这种关系已经恶化,已到了可怕的境地。患者受到了欺骗,因为患者与医生相处的时间很少,而且在这么短的时间内,患者也无法与医生进行眼神交流。不仅仅是时间问题。医生需要不停的处理数据,从而导致注意力分散。在这种情况下,医生无法成为一个好的倾听者。医生非常失望,他们的幻想破灭,十分沮丧和悲伤。 Plus, we have all of this data - collected from genomes and sensors - and it's all dressed up with nowhere to go. I open the book with one of the stories that reinforced that for me, which is that this information was not being processed by doctors and the people who looked after me, and that hurt me and my recovery. 此外,我们从基因组和传感器收集的数据居然无处可去。我打开病历本,其中一件事加深了我对这一问题的印象:我的看病信息没有被医生和看护者处理,从而对我造成伤害,影响了康复。 That reinforced that if all of this data were teed up for people, we could make things safer and have better outcomes and have things be more efficient, but clinicians are too busy. They can't possibly get their arms around each person's data. I think the transformative potential of AI is in its power to enhance the human aspect of medicine, which is something we've lost. 如果这些数据都得到处理,为人民服务,一切就会变得更安全、带来更好的结果、更高的效率,但临床医生太忙了。他们不太可能掌握每个人的数据。所以我认为人工智能的变革潜力在于它增强医疗人性化的能力,而这正是我们失去的东西。 译文属可可原创,仅供学习交流使用,未经许可请勿转载
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