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太空之旅还有多远? 2020年大众或能上太空过把瘾!

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Want to have a birthday party 140 kilometers above the ground, or dance weightlessly with your loved one? Just wait for a few years. 想要在距离地面140公里高的地方办个生日派对,或是与你所爱的人在失重的情况下跳支舞?只要在等几年就可以了! A newly established commercial space company in China expects to start providing space journeys for people with enough cash as early as 2020. 我国一家新成立的商业太空公司预计最早于2020年开始为不差钱的顾客提供太空旅行。 Han Qingping, president of ChinaRocket Co, said the company will develop a 10-ton reusable spacecraft and use it to ferry three to five travelers to a height of 80 km for a new perspective on the mother planet and experience weightlessness. 中国长征火箭公司总裁韩庆平表示,该公司将打造重10吨、可重复使用的飞行器,用其将3-5名旅客送往8万米的高空,使他们能以全新的视角观赏地球并体验失重。 That is the upper part of the mesosphere, higher than jets and balloons can travel, but just below the height where satellites fly. 这个位置是地球大气层中层的上部,高于飞机和气球能到达的高度,但略低于卫星飞行的高度。 Tang Yagang, deputy head of CALT's space activity department, said ChinaRocket will offer four types of rockets to the commercial launch market, covering all orbits suitable for commercial space missions. 中国运载火箭技术研究院航天活动部副主任唐亚刚表示,中国长征火箭将会为商业发射市场提供四种火箭,覆盖所有适合太空商业任务的轨道。 "Three of the four rockets are off-the-shelf models because they are based on the current Long March series. The two liquid-fueled rockets will launch payloads to sun-synchronous orbit, low Earth orbit and geosynchronous orbit." Tang explained. 唐亚刚解释道:“在这四种火箭中,有三种是非专门设计的,因为它们都是基于目前的长征系列。其中用液体燃料推进的两种火箭将会发射至太阳同步轨道、低轨道和地球同步轨道。”
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